Our aim is to develop a complete range of products for home, family and personal care.

Vegan products

All labelled products are certified and have traceability of origin of ingredients.

Refil packaging

We strive to ensure that the packaging of our products can be reused.


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What you do in your home has a huge impact on the environment. With Odori, you can be worry-free and take care of your home and the environment at the same time. 100% natural products support your healthy lifestyle, starting at home. And how can you make sure you look after your home in the best possible way? When you don't have to think about the inconvenience associated with many other cleaning products. When what you use in your home has minimal impact on you, your family and the environment. But all without compromising on efficiency. Clean home, clean world.

Face & Body

If you want to look after the environment and your family, you need to look after yourself - Odori helps you do that. All our products to pamper and care for your skin are 100% natural. What could be better for your skin than 100% natural products? Hmm... taking care to use even more natural products. Really. Because living in balance with nature also means pampering yourself with our premium personal care products, guilt-free and with the firm belief that what you're using really cares about you and the environment. Shiny hair, soft skin, pleasant scent.


Complete vegan care for your home and your personal care is of utmost importance to Odori. We want to offer you as many products as possible that are non-animal, that are not tested on animals (none of our products are!), that are safe from harmful chemicals and that help you reduce your impact on the environment. Caring for you, your loved ones and your home in the most natural and healthy way. Wonderful.

All Odori products are handmade in Slovenia.
All Odori products are laboratory tested and certified.
We are constantly looking after the environment and improving our products and packaging.
All our ingredients are naturally sourced and traceable.
Our products are not tested on animals.
Secure online shopping and the possibility to return money and products.

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